About LoveNdelight

In all weddings, the little things count for the extra touch to the experience of everyone involved in as guests, the wedding helpers/sisters/brothers, the family of the bride&groom-to-be. and not forgetting the couple who will be starting a whole new life together after the BIG Day.

More often than not, I will try to remind myself, and also the Bride and Groom that the wedding lasts for a day, but the marriage is for a lifetime…as much as we love to make our Big Day special since it is once in a lifetime, never forget the little things even after the big day; especially the little things that count. Such as saying “Thank you” to your spouse; rather than take things for granted over the years, was something my pastor advocated and reminded us in a short sermon just before he wedded me and my husband…

As I Love & Delight in custom making all things pretty & beautiful for a special and wonderful reason, I wish all couples to enjoy the process of preparing for a wedding, relish in the experience of the big day and work hard on making the marriage work thereafter…only then, will Happily-Ever-After be yours when you look back decades later, with no regrets.20130919_230401


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